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Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, you are welcome to e-mail us at:

Do we offer E-book creation?
Yes, we can convert your book into E-book format and we can prepare the file format for the top e-book sellers in the world. This is not part of our normal flat fee service but if you are interested in having it included, let us know and we will give you the price, to the penny, on that service before we begin.

What is brokering?

Brokering is a term that we coined several years ago. It describes a way of publishing books that is transforming the industry. Brokering allows the author to maintain ownership of the copyright, complete creative and financial control over the production of the book and complete control over the profits from all sales of the book - for the life of the book. We provide all the information, proven professionals, and expertise necessary to produce a book-store quality book, and complete e-mail support throughout the process and we do it all for a flat fee. I would compare this to hiring an architect - they bring their expertise, skill and knowledge to the table but when the job is done, they don't own any of your home. We believe in the same principals at Whitehall. We provide the expertise, skill and knowledge necessary to create a finished book you will be proud of and then, our work is done and we get out of your way so you can keep all the profits from your sales. After all, it is YOUR book.

Brokering a book provides the following benefits to you, the author:

* Complete creative control over your book, for the life of your book. If your name is.on the cover of your book, you should have control over the content and look of.your book

* Complete control of all the profits from your book, for the life of your book. If you took the time to create the book, it only makes sense that you should profit from
.your hard work!

* Complete ownership of your book, for the life of your book.

Why consider having your book brokered?

Traditional publishing gives the publisher ownership of your book, both creatively and financially. In addition, the standard payment to the author ranges from 5 to 10% of the NET profits on the book. This means that if your book retailed for $20.00 and the cost to produce and sell it was $10.00, your income for the sale of one book would be 5-10% of the $10.00 "profit", or .50 to $1.00 per book sold. When you broker your book with Whitehall Publishing;

YOU keep all the profits from all the sales of all the books

YOU own the copyright and

YOU make all the final creative and financial decisions concerning your book. After all, your name is on the cover!

With the advent of high-quality POD printing, authors today can have as few as 1 copy of a book-store quality book printed (this is true for books with B&W interiors). This reduces the overall cost of publishing tremendously, making it very affordable for most authors to tackle. No longer is it necessary to order 10,000 or more copies of a book on a first printing!

With the advent of the Internet, today’s authors can promote their own books internationally for the cost of an Internet hook-up and a computer, making marketing your book very affordable for today's author

With the advent of Radio shows and podcasts, today’s author can promote their books on radio shows and podcasts around the world via the phone while sitting in the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas, if you wish!

Signing a conventional publishing contract provides the following benefits to the author:

The publisher pays the upfront cost of producing your book

The publisher should be able to get your book distribution in bookstores, libraries and other retail outlets

The publisher should spearhead the marketing campaign for your book. However, in reality, most publishing houses will promote a book for 90 days or less. After that, it is back in the hands of the author to promote their own book and remember that no matter how many copies
YOU sell, your publisher is going to keep 90 - 95% of the profits from each book sold, for the life of the book because they own the book.

Your publisher will pay the costs of reprints on your book as the quantities in stock get low. However, this is a double-edged sword. If your publisher decides that your book is not selling well enough, they can also decide NOT to order a reprint and because they own the book, the publisher can choose to let it go out of print. Unless you want to negotiate with your publisher to buy back the rights to your own book, it may die on the vine and there is not much you can do about it.

How does brokering work?

We will provide you with a flat fee, no-surprise-price for all of the elements required to create a book store quality, printer-ready book.
At the Premium Level that flat fee price includes:

* Professional pre-editing

* Professional editing (4 passes through the book)

* Professional cover design (multiple custom designed choices)

* Professional layout

* Bar Code


* Access to on-line pre-publication reviews for the back cover

* We provide our authors with unlimited e-mail support throughout the entire process

* We will submit your book to so customers around the world will easily find your book on the largest Internet bookstore in the world.

What are the steps involved in publishing my book?

* After writing your book, we will have it professionally pre-edited for you (this is a level of editing few firms offer. This level of editing focuses on how well your book reaches the audience you want to reach. We do this before starting any formal editing of the work itself.
* We will have the book cover professionally designed and created for you
* We will provide all the numbers, bar codes and other information necessary to qualify your book for sale in book stores, libraries and other retail stores (At the Premium Level)
* We can provide you with space on our website and assist you in arranging for pre-publication reviews so we can include reviews on the back cover before going
.to press (At the Premium Level) - this is helpful for increasing your sales!
* We will prepare your book for print and shepherd it through the print process from
.start to finish so you don't have to deal with the complexities of dealing with printers
* We will also make sure it is listed on and we will submit it for.distribution to bookstores and the library market. (At the Premium Level)
* We will answer all of your publishing/marketing questions throughout the publishing
process via e-mail so you will have a written copy and can create your own 3-ring.binder of publishing and marketing tips that you will refer to for years to come
* Finally, the finished books will be delivered to the address of your choice.

How long does brokering a book take?

That depends largely on you. If your book is already written and you are clear about your vision for the final product, we can have your book edited, designed and printed in as little as three - four months for B&W interiors. However, if this is your first book, or if your interior is in full color, I would suggest you plan on allowing yourself three - five additional months.

What is an ISBN# and why is it necessary?

The ISBN# (and accompanying bar code) is a unique number assigned to each new book during the publishing process. This number is used to identify the book in the databases of distributors, wholesalers, libraries, and bookstores. Without it, you can not sell your book in most retail outlets.

What are my Print Costs with Whitehall Publishing?

Before you sign contracts with Whitehall Publishing, we will get you print bids from more than one printer and in a variety of quantities so you can compare if you want to go hard cover. If you are looking to go soft cover and/or Ebook, we can provide you with print costs through the top POD (print on demand) printers in the USA. The advantage of going POD is that you don't have to purchase large quantities of your book at one time and the top POD printer will fill your amazon orders for you. You will know exactly what your flat fee to us will be and what your print bill will be, to the penny. There are no mark-ups on print bills through Whitehall Publishing. We do receive discounts from some of our printers and you will receive those same discounts when you work with us.

In fact, to ensure there is no mark-up on your print bill, you will be paying the printer directly from their invoice.

What printers do you use?

Depending on the project, we have working relationships with top POD (Print on Demand) printers in the USA, short-run color interior printers in the USA and the top color interior printers in China. Whether you want a hard cover, full color book or a trade paperback, we can get you the best print pricing in the world through our network of top printers.

Tell me about Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting means that someone other than you, writes your story for you. Our name DOES NOT appear anywhere in your book. When we handle the ghostwriting for you, we like to think of ourselves as "your wingman." We do the work and you get all the credit!

If you have a great story that you want to share with the world but you don't feel comfortable writing it yourself or you don't have the time to write it yourself, our team can do it for you. Visit our ghostwriting page for more details.
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