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We create book store quality products for our authors,
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We work for our authors on a flat fee basis - no surprises! We focus on teaching our writers
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We provide unlimited e-mail support throughout the process,
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The Story of America's Mustangs and Wild Burros
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Click on the book cover above to view the entire book online or to download!

Click here to check out our special Thank You Page for all our wonderful advertisers in the new Baxter Book!
Click on the book cover above to view the entire book online or to download!

Click here to check out our special Thank You Page for all our wonderful advertisers in the new Baxter Book!
Honoring the Business Sponsors who
Believe in You is So Important
Below are 17 things you can offer to your business sponsors to ensure they know how much you appreciate them:

1. Post your sponsors on your facebook page,

2. Post your sponsors on a special page on your website,

3. Include a link on your home page with small thumbnail images of your sponsor's logos to their websites from yours,

4. Include a special THANK YOU page on your site that includes all the contact information and back links to your advertisers,

5. Invite your advertisers to provide you with fliers that you will hand out at your upcoming events (how many events are they willing to do this for - a full year, one event, 1-5 events, etc) Anything you can do to help promote the businesses that promote you will be much appreciated by your business sponsors,

6. Include your advertisers' names in your outgoing press releases when you announce the release of the book,

7. Include your sponsors' in your newsletters (digital or print) - consider how often you will do this (every monthly digital newsletter for a full year or once, or more than once, etc),

8. Send out a special e-mail to your e-mail mailing list announcing the release of your new book and include the list of sponsors with a special paragraph thanking them for their support and encouraging your mailing list to frequent their businesses,

9. Hang any banner at your next live event provided by one or more of your sponsors to help promote them,

10. Invite your sponsors to attend your next open house and introduce them to your audience formally during the event while you take the opportunity to thank them for their ongoing support,

11. IF businesses agree to sell your books for you in their shops, you can agree to include a list of locations on your home page where people can find the book and include all the names/locations of the businesses who are helping you sell books,

12. If you have a twitter account or other social media account not previously addressed, you could send out a message to all your followers encouraging them to visit your site and check out your supporters,

13. Write a personal, hand written thank you card to each sponsor and mail it to them,

14. IF your organization does T-shirts or bumper stickers or other promotional items, send some to your advertisers as a thank you/cross promotional opportunity,

15. Give a number of books to each advertiser as your gift. Remember, if you have covered the cost of your books through the generosity of your business sponsors, the books didn't cost you anything, so giving away 3 - 5 per sponsor is a nice gesture but again, it doesn't cost you any out of pocket money to do.

16. Host a launch party for your book and invite all of your business sponsors to the event so you can formally thank them for their support in front of an audience.

17. Take a photo of your organization and your business sponsors at the launch party and print off 8 X 10 color copies of your best group photo and either hand deliver one to each business sponsor or mail it to them in the post. We recommend doing some photo shop work on the image to add a lower frame with a caption identifying each person in the photo with a thank you note on it. We have included a sample shot below for your reference.

If you look at this list carefully, you will see that 99% of these items won't cost your organization any money to do, but the payoff for doing all (or most) of them to an advertiser is worth millions. The goal is to help you build a longstanding, mutually beneficial relationship with every advertiser our sales team brings on board for the book.


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