Monthly E-mail Consultations

Monthly E-mail Consultations Image

1. We will answer, in writing via e-mail - for an entire month - any marketing, writing or publishing-related questions you may have.
If we don't have the answer to your question, we will either get it or we won't charge you for the session.
2. By doing your consultations via e-mail for an entire month, you will have a written, detailed transcript that you can keep and refer to over and over again in the future. A month's worth of this amazing information will be more like a college education in the workings of the publishing world. This will become your success manual!
3. E-mail consultations encourage you to think through your questions before sending them. Clear questions in life always get clear answers! This will ensure that you get the greatest benefit from our time together.

To set up your E-mail consultation, complete this transaction either using your PayPal account or with any major credit card by clicking on the PayPal option - remember that PayPal now accepts all major credit cards whether you have an account with them or not!.

Once you have completed your transaction here, let's get started. E-mail your questions to We will answer your e-mail within 48 hours after receiving payment confirmation.

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