Pre-Pub Review 200 pages or less

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When you have your book written but aren't sure: where to go next,
* Who to market it to,
* How to market it,
* What audience to target first,

We offer a pre-publication review of your manuscript. Having a professional read your book from start to finish and provide you with "notes" will be invaluable to the success of the final book.
We will provide you with insights from:
Story line to
Character development to
Direction, and most importantly
Marketing considerations,
Demographics and much more.
This pre-pub review is NOT about grammar, syntax or spelling. It is about the really important business matters which include insights and tips on:
How to make your book more marketable,
How to sell it in today's marketplace so you make the most profit on each copy and reach your target audience,
How to package it (series vs individual book, chapters that lead the reader logically through the work, etc),
This is all about helping you create a finished work in such a way as to present in its most successful way to the marketplace.

If your book is fewer than 200 pages, this is the item you should use in our shopping cart.

Once you have completed this transaction in our secured shopping cart through PayPal (PayPal now accepts all major credit cards whether you have an account with them or not!), we will send you an e-mail confirming payment and asking you to send in your doc or txt file to a special e-mail address set aside just for authors.

The entire process will take about one week to complete and we will e-mail all of our notes to you within your .doc or .txt manuscript file along with an e-mail that focuses on the manuscript's strong points and weaknesses.

Our single goal in the pre-pub review is to give your book a serious market analysis and to suggest any and all changes that will ensure you hit a "home run" when it gets to the marketplace.

We guarantee that when you review our notes, you will see that:
Your book will be transformed,
Your marketing approach will be taken to the next level and
You will have a much clearer view of who you are writing your book for and how to target that market.

With more than 175,000 new books coming on the market each year in the USA, it is critical that YOUR book stands out from the rest and that is what our Pre-Publication review is all about!

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