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Whitehall Publishing is proud to announce, for the first time, that we are offering full-service concierge publishing. This is the top-of-the-line service for authors who want their book professionally published and want to build their audience, website and author platform at the same time.

If you have a great story to tell, but don't want to be involved in the minutia that is required to build your author platform, website and get your book published, we can handle all of that for you.

You write your story and our team will handle the rest!

Our full-service concierge Premium PLUS publishing includes:

Three full interior editing passes of your manuscript (this includes editing for marketability, content, syntax, spelling/grammar)

Complete layout of the interior of your book (this will include a title page, copyright information page, table of contents where appropriate, chapter pages, author biography, dedication, acknowledgment page and we recommend a sales page at the end of the book where readers can purchase your other products and/or book you to speak.)

Two full layout editing passes of your manuscript (these two additional passes focus on the aesthetic look of the interior of your book which would include headers/footers, your font choices, type, type size and more)

A custom book cover (we will send you several samples of custom book covers designed specifically with your story in mind). If you find one cover that you love, we will go with that cover. However, if you find pieces of each of the samples that you prefer, we will custom-build that for you.

Assisting you in acquiring pre-publication book reviews that can go on the back cover of your book before publishing, as well as on one of the interior front pages. So when the book is available for sale on Amazon and people take advantage of the "sneak peek" that Amazon provides, your book reviews can pop up.

We will set up an account with the POD printer on your behalf so as books are purchased, the money goes directly into your account

* If you don't already have it,
we will establish a twitter account for you so you can use it to connect with your readers

We will build a twitter following of at least 5000 people. If you already have a twitter account, we can build your following on that twitter account or we can create a new one for you.

We will establish your book's distribution through Amazon internationally as well as through book stores, libraries and retail outlets.

We will provide you with a proof copy of your book that we will have mailed to you for your final approval before the book becomes available for sale on

We will provide you with 100 copies of your book, shipped to your address.

We will host a bestseller campaign for your book on Amazon. Our goal will be to do our best to make your book a number one bestseller on Amazon. While we cannot guarantee that every book will become a number one bestseller on Amazon, we can promise you that no one will work harder to make that a reality! As a part of that process, we will create multiple graphics, we will set up a 7 to 10 day long twitter campaign to our more than 50,000 followers/e-mail campaign to our mailing list of more than 10,000 followers/Facebook campaign to not only our 2700 followers but as well. We will post to Facebook groups that are focused on your book's topic. In most cases those groups will represent hundreds of thousands of potential book buyers.

We will provide you with unlimited e-mail access to our team where you can ask questions about any topic related to publishing or marketing your work. This starts on the day contracts are signed and continues until the day your books are delivered. We work via e-mail so you will have a written record of all your questions and answers. We recommend our authors create a 3-ring binder, print off those e-mails and sort them in the binder by topic so you can refer back to them year after year as you progress in your career as an author.

This package applies to soft cover books. However, we are happy to work on a hard cover and/or e-book version of your book if you wish. Contact us for appropriate pricing.

Pricing Levels

Our flat fee pricing is based on the page count of your book as, the more pages within, the more editing, layout, publishing work is involved to create a book store ready, fabulous book!:

For books under 50 pages, (soft cover, full color interior) your flat fee price is only $6745.00 + printing (printing beyond the 100 copies we will include in your flat fee)

For books over 50 pages and under 200 pages,
your flat fee price is only $8495.00 + printing (printing beyond the 100 copies we will include in your flat fee)

For books over 200 pages and up to 300 pages,
your flat fee price is only $8995.00 + printing (printing beyond the 100 copies we will include in your flat fee)

How Am I Billed?

We can accept all major credit cards and PayPal for your convenience.

When contracts are signed, you will include payment for only 50% of the estimated fee at that time. 40% of the remaining balance will come due on the day files are uploaded to the printer and the final 10% will come due when books are delivered and all other facets of our contract are completed successfully.

To get started today, e-mail us at: and tell us about your story. Once we review your information, we can either set up a phone call to learn more or if your e-mail is thorough enough, will send you a contract and where needed, a printer bid for your book so you know exactly what your costs will be - NO Surprises!

Welcome to the Whitehall Publishing Family!
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