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J.E. Pendleton,
The Special

About the Author: J. E. (Jim) Pendleton was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He has had an interest in automobiles and history for most of his life. He spent several years as an SCCA road racer and a lifetime involved with hotrods. It wasn't until after he retired from a long career in the telecommunications industry that Jim decided to pursue another of his dreams and write his first book.

His first novel,
The Special, was born from his love of family, hotrods and history. These are topics that are sure to be the center of future works.

He is currently working on a series of novels where a young China Marine watches regional conflict explode into what becomes World War II. Jim has long considered World War II the single most important historical event of the twentieth century. His father fought in the Pacific and his uncle, Billy Pendleton is the main character in The Special and was lost in the Battle of the Atlantic.

A call from a stranger leads me on a journey I could never have imagined. The caller said he had my uncle's car. How could this be? My uncle died in WW II when his plane was shot down over the Bay of Biscay off the coast of England. After some questioning I realized I had the opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity to learn a bit about the uncle I had heard about my entire life, an uncle who died 3 years before I was born, an uncle I had always wanted to know more about. I also was being given the gift of a car that had been built by this uncle's own hands and the hands of those he had been close to in his final years. The real treasure was the bond I formed with a man and the incredible story he told. The story of my uncle, the building of the car, and the people they both loved.

The Special is a fact based novel; the story of family, love and trust in the face of worldwide catastrophe. In 1941, Billy Pendleton hitch-hiked to California to seek his fortune not knowing what the future held. After encouragement from his new found friend and landlord he is soon building an automobile to set speed records and rubbing elbows with some true legends of motor racing history. Into this heady world walked the woman that would change his life forever. As the car is built, romance blooms and the world slips into a war that will touch every person on the planet. Order your copy today! When you order online, you can have your books autographed by the author before shipping.

"This is the first ever book review on the BEGI website. Several years ago, an old buddy (Jim) sent me a rough draft of a novel he had just completed. I read it and was completely surprised and delighted with the combination of fast cars, beautiful women, World War II, and baseball. The biggest surprise of all was how my old hot rod buddy and fellow racer was able to write a story that completely captured my imagination and drew me completely into the scene. Jim put together words and phrases that literally put your mind right into the story. His magic use of words is absolutely stunning and beautiful. I now think of the characters as treasured friends. I'm not going to admit what I think about Sally.

The book is set in 1941 San Diego and follows a young Texan as he builds a dry lakes hot rod before the term even existed. The car is built from scratch, with help and parts from legends such as Harry Miller, Fred Offenhauser, Frank Kurtis, and Tommy Lee, a future founder of the SCCA. Oh, and I did mention beautiful women, didn't I? His most devoted assistant was beautiful Sally Anthony, and just so you know, she's already taken, after all it is my website.

The car is a dry lakes streamliner. It uses a cast off Indy car engine and a hand-built body and chassis. The book details aspects of the car's construction and its performance. Its builder, my friend's uncle, names the car "The Special". What can be better than a beautiful woman, Sally, driving a beautiful car?

As the car nears completion, the country is plunged into the horrors of a world war and lives are changed forever. Race cars are set aside for bombers, romance is put on hold for duty, and Sally pulls out all the stops.

By this time you may think I'm obsessed with Sally, I just have to say that obsession doesn't even come close. This is a great read."

BEGi's Chief Engineer, Corky Bell,
has 33 years of experience with forced induction design. Corky has earned an engineering degree from Texas A&M, and authored two books on forced induction "Maximum Boost" and "Supercharged". Bell has designed over 90 forced induction systems, of which over 20 are currently in production.

BEGi has enjoyed an excellent relationship with the automotive media. BEGi and it's product line, Cartech Racing Products, have been featured in over 120 magazine articles in the past twenty years. Writers and road testers have repeatedly commented favorably about our engineering capability and the craftsmanship of the components.

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"I can't recommend this book highly enough."
HopUp Magazine Jan 2013 issue.

"First of all, the car on the cover has been in
Hop Up, built by a friend of Hop Up; or you may have seen it at Lone Star Roundup.

Jim began to write the story of his 'Special' build..and the story got legs, became a smash of a first novel and God knows where it will lead. Don't miss it: cars, lakes history all the right names of the pre war, wartime and immediate post war, a little bit of sex and intrigue and excellent development of characters and plots that, well, professional writers can do."
Editor, HopUp Magazine

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