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Whitehall Publishing now offers three levels of ghostwriting services. If you have a great story to tell but aren't able to write it yourself or don't have the time to write it yourself, we can handle that for you! To make life as easy for you as possible, we can either send you a recording device so you can tell your story privately via audio files and from there, we will craft the finished manuscript OR we can arrange to have you tell us your story over our private conference line system so we can record it and from those recordings, we will craft your manuscript.

Option #1
Ghostwriting (flat fee per word $.25 cents (50,000 word minimum)

Our team can take your story idea and write it for you. We will:

* Write your story
* We will take it through three editing passes with you to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you were hoping for
* You will retain all copyrights

From there, you can either self-publish it, shop for a traditional publisher or you are welcome to use our Premium publishing services. (50,000 word minimum is approximately 140 pages.) For shorter books, contact us at for pricing information.

Key Benefits:

* You maintain complete creative control over your manuscript, while our team does all the heavy lifting

* You own the copyrights to your manuscript

* You will receive all the credit for writing a great manuscript. Our name will not appear anywhere inside your manuscript so your privacy is protected. We like to think of ourselves as the "wind beneath your wings!"

Option #2
Ghostwriting & publishing (flat fee per word $.35 plus print costs (50,000 word minimum))

Our team can take your story idea and bring it to life in a soft cover, B&W interior, professionally published book that will be available for distribution through Amazon, both domestically and internationally, through book stores, retail outlets and libraries.

In this option, we will include:

* Writing the story for you,
* Three editing passes to ensure the story is exactly what you had envisioned,
* Custom cover design,
* Custom interior layout,
* File preparation for the soft cover printer.
* We will create your own personal account with the printer so you can order books whenever you want and all online sales will go directly into your account.
* We will assist you obtain pre-publication reviews to go on the back cover and/or inside the book to enhance sales.
* We will upload the printer-ready files to the printer and send you "proof copies" for your approval, before your book will be made available to the public.
* You will retain all the copyrights and all of the profits from all of the sales of your book.
* We will be there to answer all of your publishing/marketing questions via e-mail from the day contracts are signed until books are delivered to you!

(50,000 word minimum is approximately 140 pages.)

For shorter books, contact us at for pricing information. If you envisioned your book with a color interior or a hard cover, we can assist you with that as well. Contact and let us know what you have mind.

Option #3

Ghostwriting/Concierge full-service publishing (flat fee per word $.50 plus your print costs (50,000 word minimum))

This is the perfect option for authors who have a great trade paperback story to tell, but have no interest in publishing or promoting your book. This option is perfect for novels, non-fiction how-to books or any book that has a black and white interior and full-color soft cover. In addition to bringing your story to life by having our team ghostwrite your book for you, our team will also:

PUBLISHING: Publish your book through our Whitehall Publishing premium service, which includes:
CUSTOM BOOK COVER: Create a custom book cover
EDITING: Take your book through three formal editing passes for content to ensure it is exactly what you wanted
* Take your book through two formal aesthetic editing passes for appearances to ensure that the interior layout of the book looks the way you envisioned it.
PREP THE FILES FOR PUBLICATION: Prepare the interior and cover files to meet Amazons book publishing standards
PRE-PUBLICATION REVIEWS: Assist you in acquiring pre-publication book reviews that can go on the back cover of your book before publishing, as well as on one of the interior front pages. So when the book is available for sale on Amazon and people take advantage of the "sneak peek" that Amazon provides, your book reviews can pop up.
* We will set up an account with the printer on your behalf so as books are purchased, the money goes directly into your account
TWITTER: If you don't already have it, we will establish a twitter account for you so you can use it to connect with your readers
BUILD YOUR TWITTER AUDIENCE: We will build a twitter following of at least 5000 people. If you already have a twitter account, we can build your following on that twitter account or we can create a new one for you.
BEST SELLER CAMPAIGN: We will host a bestseller campaign for your book on Amazon. Our goal will be to do our best to make you and your book a number one bestseller on Amazon. While we cannot guarantee that every book will become a number one bestseller on Amazon, we can promise you that no one will work harder to make that a reality! As part of that process, we will create multiple graphics, we will set up a 7 to 10 day long twitter campaign to our more than 50,000 followers/e-mail campaign to our mailing list of more than 10,000 followers/Facebook campaign to not only our 2700 followers but as well, we will post to Facebook groups that are focused on your book's topic. In most cases those groups will represent hundreds of thousands of potential book buyers.
INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION: We will establish your book's distribution through Amazon internationally as well as with book stores, libraries and retail outlets.
PROOFS: We will provide you with a proof copy of your book that we will have mailed to you for your final approval before the book becomes available for sale on
WEBSITE: We will build a 5-page long author website for you that will include a Home, Contact Us, Media Page, About Us and a Sales Page that will include buy now buttons tied to your paypal account so all the sales will go directly into your account. After the website is built, you will be responsible for the monthly operating costs of the site (approx. $15.00 per month) as well as paying for your domain each year (approx. $15.00 per year). We will build the site using user-friendly online software that you will be able to maintain on your own. However, if you prefer to have our team maintain the site for you, we can do that for a small monthly fee.
PAYPAL: If you don't have a PayPal account, we will set one up for you.
PAYPAL BUTTONS: If you don't know how to build PayPal buy now buttons, we will set those up for you.

How Am I Billed?

For your security, all payments are made through our secure shopping cart using PayPal who now accepts all major credit cards whether you have a PayPal account or not.

When contracts are signed, you will include payment for only 50% of the estimated fee at that time.

If you selected Option #1, 50% of the estimated fee will come due on the day contracts are signed. The balance will come due when the finished manuscript is delivered to you via e-mail at the conclusion of our contract.

If you selected Option #2 or #3, 50% of the estimated ghostwriting/publishing fee will come due on the day contracts are signed. 40% of the remaining balance will come due on the day files are uploaded to the printer and the final 10% will come due when books are delivered at the completion of our contract.

To get started today, e-mail us at: and tell us about your story. Once we review your information, we can either set up a phone call to learn more or if your e-mail is thorough enough, will send you a contract and where needed, a printer bid for your book so you know exactly what your costs will be - NO Surprises!

Welcome to the Whitehall Publishing Family!
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