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Testimonials From
our Happy Customers
Below are just a few of the testimonials from people I have worked with personally. Some of these came from authors, non profits or workshop attendees. As you will see from the testimonials below,

"I am as serious as a heart attack
about seeing that you are successful
and if you are HALF as serious
as I am about your success,
we are an unstoppable force!" Bonnie Marlewski-Probert

From A Few Of Our Authors:

"Bonnie approaches her clients with unsurpassed energy and presents unique ideas customized for success in promoting and expanding businesses and careers. She taught me to stay alert to all options when marketing my book and identifying speaking engagements. Her mentoring style allowed me to focus my energy and open my eyes to opportunities that were right in front of me. She is a wealth of knowledge and sincerely interested in your success - a rare combination!! She's a gem!" Dena Mangiamele, DVM, MPVM, MFS Best Selling Author!

"Like several people I know, I've had some half-baked ideas for a couple of books cooking for a long time but could never manage to actually stick the fork in and pronounce them "done." Then I bumped into Bonnie Marlewski-Probert at Whitehall Publishing who was putting together some short stories. I found her so easy to work with and that project turned out so well that I decided to take her up on her offer to bring one of my own books to life, which is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Lists of weekly tasks? Check. Releases and other legal documents? Check. A marketing plan to promote the book once it's finished? Check. Bonnie patiently and painstakingly provided guidance in these areas as well as in book and chapter organization, obtaining bids from printers, and in many other facets of publishing that I had no idea even existed. Through her experience, she was able to skillfully guide me through the entire process, beginning to end, in a way that empowered me and resulted in a book that I
can be proud of. I can't wait to start book number two! Dr. Lydia Gray, author of *Classical Dressage Foundations with Wolfgang May." _tf

"I am a first time author and recently completed my book, "One Brain Injury will Change Your Mind!" My publisher is Bonnie Marlewski-Probert of Whitehall Publishing Inc. and I wanted to write this testimonial to express my gratitude for her guidance and my appreciation for the exceptional step-by-step service she provided.

There is a lot that goes into preparing, editing and finally publishing a book - way more than I ever anticipated! I know I could never have accomplished this without Bonnie's amazing insight and expertise. Her feedback was always constructive and very positive. Her suggestions and recommendations were always just that... suggestions and recommendations! She constantly reminded me that it was my book and I had the final say in it. 99.99% of the time I was in absolute agreement with her comments, edits and suggestions.

Bonnie is so very patient, accommodating, articulate and well versed in all aspects of publishing, which makes her such a pleasure and a delight to deal with. A true professional in every sense of the word. She went above and beyond for me and I learnt so much from her, making this adventure an amazing experience! I thought I was very special getting this amazing treatment from Bonnie and yet I have come to find out that she treats every one of her clients in the same impeccable way!

Her positive upbeat attitude, her commitment to communicate and her step-by-step publication process, encouraged me to keep on writing and ultimately publish a book that I am extremely proud of.

Whitehall Publishing Inc. designed the cover of my book, assisted in getting all the pre-publication reviews that were printed on the back cover, did the editing and layout of all the chapters in addition to everything else they did to make my book look super spectacular. I have had such wonderful feedback on my book and I know if I decide to write another book, there is absolutely only one place I will go... Whitehall Publishing Inc. with Bonnie Marlewski-Probert.

I would encourage all authors, first time or seasoned writers, to connect with Bonnie and Whitehall Publishing Inc., to experience the royal treatment on your next publication! My heartfelt appreciation, gratitude and thanks to Bonnie and Whitehall Publishing Inc."
Deb Lewin Plano, Texas - February 2015 Check out Deb's book at

Fur In My Paint. "My publisher and mentor in this new endeavor, Bonnie Marlewski-Probert - Thank you for EVERYTHING you have taught me. The education you have given me has been priceless." Tifane Grayce, author of Fur In My Paint.

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By God's Providence. "We very much appreciated your dedication to achieving that goal, and all that you did to make that happen -- while staying within our budget!!

More than that, however, I cannot begin to tell you how much your knowledge of the publishing process and your attention to every detail meant to us (me AND the sisters!).

You were so thorough, not only in answering all our questions, but also offering suggestions, ideas, options, etc., that we had not thought of. And you were able to remain composed (even optimistic!)and focused when we threw you some major curves.

The book is beautiful; everyone is extremely pleased -- and I do not believe we could have ended up with this wonderful product without you. I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone who asks how to get a book published. If you ever need a reference, let me know!"
Jean Merry, By God's Providence, The Sisters of St. Francis, Wisconsin.

Pablo’s Art Adventures – Exploring the Studio
"is a dream-come-true for me. After retiring from a 31-year career as a teacher, my book had been on paper, complete with illustrations, for a couple of years. Now, I thought, was my opportunity to get it published and on the market. Looking down the list of children’s book publishers on the internet was quite overwhelming! There were thousands of them! Then a friend of my sister-in-law recommended I contact Bonnie Marlewski-Probert at Whitehall Publishing. Bonnie was great! She never tired of answering question upon question and explaining the printing process step by step to me. She is forever patient and is a treasure chest of knowledge about the publishing business. I kept every email as we went through each step for future reference. Bonnie was there showing me the ropes all the way from accepting the printer bid to receiving that real book with my name on it. What an exciting moment that was!" Mona Larkins, Pablo's Art Adventures.

Dear Grandchild, When You Come for a Visit.
"Recently I received the shipment of my second book Dear Grandchild, When You Come for a Visit (written by a friend and illustrated by me) and the thrill continues! I hope to do business with Bonnie many more times in the future. She is an answer to my prayers for direction and now seems like an old family friend." Mona Larkins, illustrator, Dear Grandchild, When You Come for a Visit.

Dear Grandchild, When You Come for a Visit.
"About a year ago I decided I wanted to publish my thoughts and dreams on becoming a grandmother. A friend agreed to illustrate the book for me and we started working together. My friend, who had published a book with Whitehall Publishing, gave me the name of Bonnie Marlewski-Probert and I contacted her. I found Bonnie to be very helpful and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of publishing. She answered all my questions and was very patient with my lack of experience. Working together with my experienced friend and with Bonnie at Whitehall, made it possible for me to publish my book. The book, Dear Grandchild, When You Come for a Visit... is selling very well in our community, and in other areas, as well. Working with Bonnie and Whitehall Publishing was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to publishing my next book with their help." Linda Robinson, author Dear Grandchild, When You Come for a Visit.

Dear Dolly.
"It was my first experience with publishing, but every question - no matter how big or small was answered to my satisfaction. The process was made painless by the way that I was guided through the steps involved. I know without a doubt that the book was better than I expected because of this process." Emily Lineberger Bridges, Dear Dolly.

Lessons in Grace.
"Thanks again, a million times. You've been wonderful to work with." Kathleen Anthony, Lessons In Grace.

Consulting Clients:

"I am pleased to highly recommend Bonnie Marlewski-Probert as an Author, a provider of Author Services, and as an Inspirational Speaker and Business Coach. Bonnie originally hired me to investigate speaking opportunities for her.

Little did I know that she would help me as much, if not more, than I would help her! During a phone call, Bonnie recommended some simple changes that I could make to my marketing business that would totally enhance what I had been doing. She reminded me that the knowledge that I have accumulated over many years is worth money and that I ought to clearly communicate on my website that I do phone
and email consultations for a fee.

Once I followed her advice, not only did I end up with more clients than I could handle, but I discovered a new confidence in and excitement about my business.

In addition, Bonnie's recommendations have led me down many fresh paths in my work and have introduced me to plenty of amazing contacts - all from a single phone call!" ~
Carol M. Upton, Dreams Aloud Promotions

"Bonnie Marlewski-Probert, President of Whitehall Publishing has the unique ability to help people become aware of how they are hurting themselves without even knowing it.

As a professional executive for over 35 years, it took Bonnie two hours to basically allow me to see past my negative feelings and reach far within me to the person I was before all the negativity was allowed in my life. I allowed it and now it is up to me to focus on positive and once again believe I can do anything I set my mind and heart to by feeling the feelings.

Bonnie opened the door for me after three years of severe depression, financial ruin and many failed attempts at business start-ups. I owe this woman big time and only hope we can continue to help others, as she has helped me."
Ilene Morris-Sambur, Founder, Kids4Horses, Inc. 501(c)3 Non Profit Virtual World Productions

"I want to thank you again for your time. You have a wonderful way of explaining things that makes sense. I have been seeking answers about the best way to go about having a 5013c and what approach to take and had not been able to find it. You were able to provide me with guidance on best approach and explain the benefits quite well. The information you gave me will help me to look at my organization in a different light that will give me the most opportunity for growth, and to be a successful non-profit organization, you must plan ahead for that growth. Your newsletters are so helpful and will provide further guidance for me. You are an amazing woman! Blessings to you and all that you do!" Kim Shotola,

"I really enjoyed the time we spent together. It did several things for me. It reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the non-profit. It has also very much excited the board to look at new possibilities. I think this was the right thing at the right time! I felt as though I have been struggling to just keep up with all the work - but in fact I can now see alternatives to getting the work done. It will free up some of my time to do the things I really love to do. I can also see ways to sell our mission, not only to the general public but also to sponsors.

Thank you so much Bonnie! It is very much appreciated. I hope to fill you in on our progress soon."
Kathy Castro

"My time spent with Bonnie gave me a wealth of information. Bonnie has a unique gift, in that she is very knowledgeable about non-profits, advertising, websites, and technology, combined with motivational and speaking skills that will benefit me in my journey. My non-profit Riding Therapy program is new, so I have much to learn. Bonnie answered all my questions, and provided me with more information and ideas in our conference call than I have gotten from numerous sources in my first six months of business. I am really excited about getting started, and will contact Bonnie for help and advice along the way. I highly recommend her to anyone in business, whether they are building or maintaining, for-profit or non-profit. Bonnie is upbeat, positive, and full of great ideas. Thank you for an invaluable session!" Cathy Willmeng, Director, Dusty Boots Riding Therapy, Inc.

From A Few Of Our Workshop Attendees:

Excellent Information. Concise, good examples, clearly presented. Good ideas for my next event! Jack, Neosha, MO.

The information is very relevant to today's method of effective marketing. Susan, Gravette AR.

This was an excellent workshop - much to think about - I need to get busy!! Phyllis, Rogers, AR.

Bonnie is a great presenter! Fun, energetic & info is invaluable. Sallie, Neosha, MO.

Clear, honest, practical approach to making money for your work. Robin, Gassville, Arkansas.

This workshop made me realize how much I have to learn about using the internet to help sales. Laurel, Summit Arkansas

Bonnie is a lot of fun and has years of experience... Brian, Gassville, Arkansas.

(Bonnie) Cares about attendees - knowledgeable - kind of a "miracle worker"What was the most valuable part of this workshop for you? Motivation - skills development for marketing. Inspirational, Lida C., Deer, Arkansas

Comments: Very giving speaker, Bonnie's knowledge is immense,
What was the most valuable part of this workshop for you? Showed me I am on the right path and thinking outside the box how to prepare for festivals & press releases. Cathy D., Hardy, Arkansas

Comments: Did a fantastic job,
What was the most valuable part of this workshop for you? How to market my work better, Patti D., Cherokee Village, Arkansas

Comments: It was an excellent & power packed workshop - Thank you!
What was the most valuable part of this workshop for you? The emphasis that it is your responsibility to market yourself and your product to be successful and that times have changed drastically. The old ways don't work. Gabriella W., Yellville, Arkansas

Comments: A light bulb appeared above my head!
What was the most valuable part of this workshop for you? JV's and the feeling that I'm not the only one!, Rebecca H., Bentonville Arkansas

Comments: Very inspiring & encouraging!
What was the most valuable part of this workshop for you? Many!, Mary K., Romance, Arkansas

Comments: Presenter / Excellent.
What was the most valuable part of this workshop for you? Thinking Differently, Jeanne R. Gamaliel, Arkansas

Comments: Enjoyed it, inspiring. Dana J., Arkansas

Comments: Very easy to understand, Rick C. Dover, Arkansas

What was the most valuable part of this workshop for you? The concept of a circular marketing approach and product lines. Les C. Harrison, Arkansas

Comments: Thanks, truly motivational,
What was the most valuable part of this workshop for you? New contacts, useful info.
Thereisa H., Marshall, Arkansas

Comments: Enjoyed it very much.
What was the most valuable part of this workshop for you? Everything,
Mary E., Arkansas

501(c)3 Filing for Non-Profits:

"Bonnie is extremely knowledgeable when navigating the complex application process in applying for a Federal 501c3. A veteran and trusted guide for us when encountering the rough terrain and quagmire of government paperwork. She was our guiding light by ushering us through the murky waters to achieve our goals. We highly recommend Bonnie to help any organization who is a 501c3...or hope to be one! We are very appreciative that Bonnie helped us through the process from beginning to end which resulted in a very fast approval. We HIGHLY recommend Bonnie to
help with your new non-profit too!"
- EIE Cares,

"... I was asked to assist in the preparation of the Palette Art League's 501(c)3 application. When it became apparent that we needed some assistance, particularly in correctly interpreting the intent of many of the questions asked on the application, we enlisted the help of Bonnie Marlewski-Probert.

She is a professional, and she not only gave us the help we needed in understanding exactly what was being requested on the application, but also provided practical and useful suggestions on how to go about gathering the information.

Her unfailing optimism throughout the entire process was contagious. I recommend her to you without hesitation. Sincerely,
Pat Canary"

"I would highly recommend Bonnie Marlewski-Probert to anyone needing assistance in gaining a 501C3 status. Bonnie was very helpful in the process of the Palette Art League getting theirs. She was very knowledgeable in the way she took our ideas and helped us form a better way of presenting them on paper. Bonnie also gave us ideas for us to apply to our particular organization. The people working on the application for the Palette Art League would not have been able to apply for and obtain our 501C3 without the help of Bonnie Marlewski-Probert. Sincerely
, Anne Presley, Member of the Palette Art League."

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