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Brokering Your Book At The Silver Level
(Non-ISBN# Titles)

These books can include everything from; Family stories and anthologies that you would like to provide to your children and their children in published form, all the way to commercial books that you intend to sell directly through direct sales, organizations or associations. In each of these situations, you will not need to have an ISBN#, the related distribution and sales-related services that are included in the Premium Level. (Please note that books without ISBN#'s are not eligible for sale in most bookstores, gift shops, via, Libraries or other commercial outlets.)

Key Benefits at the Silver Level:

* You maintain complete creative and financial control over your book,

* You own the copyrights to your book, which means that all profits from
...all sales are yours and yours alone,

* You end up with a professionally published book.

The fundamental difference between the Silver and Premium Levels is the ISBN# and distribution. The Silver Level is designed for non-commercial books and as a result, no ISBN#, barcode or distribution is established for these titles. If you are interested in selling your book in bookstores, libraries, via the Internet or in any other commercial outlets, check out our Premium Level.

What Services Are Included In Your Flat Fee
at the Silver Level?

Complete professional editing of your book

Complete professional custom book cover design for your book

Complete professional typesetting/layout for your book

We will be your liaison between all professionals invovled in the production and printing of your book to ensure YOU don't have to worry about the details. Instead, you can focus on writing and enjoying your new book!

How Do I Get Started?

When you are ready to publish your book, simply e-mail with the basic specs of your book (page count, trim size, number of copies you would like to print on your first print run.

We will send you a publishing contract that you can review, sign and fax back to us. For your security and peace of mind, we process all payments through our secure shopping cart using PayPal (who now accept all major credit cards whether you have an account with them or not!)

Once we receive your signed contract and payment information, we will e-mail you asking for your manuscript to be sent as an attachment in an e-mail to us (in .doc/docX/rft or .txt format).

Once your manuscript arrives, we will begin in earnest, the publication of your book per our contract.

Pricing Information

Books can be published in a variety of trim sizes. We work on a flat fee basis on all production elements of your project but because each book will differ in print costs, we will get you a print bid based on page count, trim size and quantity of books you would like to order on your first print run BEFORE you sign any contracts with us. Again, we don't like surprises anymore than you do!

Flat fees on the Silver Level are:

$2000.00 for books under 50 pages + print costs, (this would include children's full color story books and hard cover books).

$3750.00 for books from 51 to 200 pages in length + print costs.

$4250.00 for books that exceed 200 pages in length + print costs.

Once we have all the specs from you, we will get you a firm printing bid before you sign any contracts with us because we do not like surprises anymore than you do!

At all page count levels of the Silver Level, your book will be professionally:

* Edited,
* Receive a custom cover design,
* Professional typesetting/layout,
* And be professional printed
* We will also provide you with full e-mail support throughout the entire publishing process. We normally charge $160.00 per hour for e-mail consultations and the average first book will take two to five months to complete. If you only asked ONE HOUR'S worth of questions per day, that would be a savings to you of over $24,000.00 by the time your book was completed and your education in the publishing process would be college level!

This entire process of prepping the book for print will take two to five months, depending on how ready your manuscript is when it arrives. The process will involve at least a dozen professionals working on your book to make it stand out and we will handle all of that for you!

Print Options available through

We offer every print option on the market today:

* From state-of-the-art POD printers who will print as few as one book at a time for you,

* To offset printers who will print a minimum of 1000 books and in the process, save you some money on the per unit cost of your book.

* To full color printers in Hong Kong to ensure your children's or art books have the finest quality color work, on the highest quality paper.

Once The Contracts Are Signed, Then What?

After contracts are signed and you complete the writing of your book, we will have it professionally edited for you,

We will have the book cover professionally designed and created for you, incorporating your ideas and desires,

Once the editing and custom cover work is done, we will e-mail everything back to you for your review. At this time, we will ask you to carefully re-read the entire manuscript to ensure that you are satisfied with the editing work that has been done to this point.

In the flat fee, we provide authors two complete editing passes through the book to make any changes you would like to make. This means that you can tweak the manuscript, editing, artwork or anything else that you would like to change. Once you have finished your first pass, we will execute your requested changes and do the layout of the book for the printer and when that is completed, we will send you a pdf file of the final book for your second review.

This is your second editing pass through the book. The focus of this pass is aesthetic in nature. You will be reviewing the layout of the interior of the book.

Once we receive your single e-mail with all requested tweaks in it from that second pass, we will execute those final changes and prep the book for publication. If, after the second complete pass through the book, you still want to make more changes, we are happy to accommodate your needs at a rate of $50.00 per hour for that service.

When the book is ready to go to print, we will hand-walk your finished book through the entire print process, acting as your liaison with printers and shippers so you can enjoy a worry-free journey!

During all phases of the publishing process, you have the final word on all decisions made concerning your book.

Finally, the finished books will be delivered to the address of your choice and our job is complete.

How Am I Billed?

For your security, all payments are made through our secure shopping cart using PayPal who now accepts all major credit cards whether you have a PayPal account or not.

When contracts are signed, you will include payment for only 50% of the book brokering fee at that time.

When the book is through the editing, cover design, layout and two editing reviews and is ready to ship to the printers, you will pay the second installment of 40% of the remaining balance due on the book brokering fee. If your book is being printed by a POD printer, you will pay the full print bill at the time your order is place with the printer.

If your book is being printed by an offset printer, they require only 50% of the total print bill be paid to them via wire transfer at this time and the balance when you approve the proofs they will send directly to you approximately two weeks after the final files are uploaded to them.
We will provide you with all the information you need to execute your payments and we will hand-walk you through the process, every step of the way, answering all your questions as we go.

Our final payment is to be made (final 10% of the book brokering fee) at the time the books arrive to your address in satisfactory condition, at which time, our work is done.

To get started today, e-mail us the basic specs of your book (trim size, interior page count and whether or not you want color interior or B&W, soft cover or hard cover) to Once we review your information, we will send you a contract and where needed, a printer bid for your book so you know exactly what your costs will be - NO Surprises!

Welcome to the Whitehall Publishing Family!
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