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So, you have an idea for a book or you have already written your book and now you want to know what's next. A great starting point is to speak with an expert who can help you map out a strategy for success.

If you are nervous about publishing or are looking for some suggestions on how to take your idea to the next level or if you need some marketing help, we offer three types of consulting services, one of which is sure to fit your needs:

60-Minute Phone Consultation
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During this informative consultation, you will speak personally with Bonnie Marlewski-Probert, founder of Whitehall Publishing and the author of more than 20 books. She will address your questions and provide you with concise, positive, helpful solutions.  Whether you are facing some specific marketing or publishing challenges with your project and need answers or you are getting ready to begin your first book and need some encouragement, 60-minutes spent with someone who has been there, done that, can be worth its weight in gold!

One of the many advantages of doing a phone consultation is that you can ask follow-up questions and get an immediate answer. The low cost of this consultation is normally only $250.00 per hour, but we offer a $50.00, hour-long consultation for first-time clients. We record each session for your convenience and send you an audio mp3 file afterwards so you can refer to your session over and over again. Each session is conveniently billed to any major credit card or PayPal. To purchase your phone consultation, click here.

E-mail Consultation
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For those writers who prefer to address your questions through the written word, E-mail is the perfect solution. We will review your e-mail and address each of your questions (up to four per e-mail session), in writing, so that you can refer to the answers over and over again. The advantage of an e-mail session is that you can think through your questions before you begin and you will have a complete, written transcript for future reference. The cost of the E-mail Consultation is only $160.00 per session, conveniently billed to any major credit card or PayPal. To purchase your E-mail consultation, click here.

Monthly E-mail Consultation
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The best value we offer is our monthly e-mail consulting service. This provides you with unlimited e-mail questions for a full 30 days. I promise you, if you are serious about asking questions to launch your writing career or to take you writing career to the next level, this is the package to sign-up for. At only $500.00 per month, that is less than $17.00 per day (or .70 cents per HOUR). Click here to sign-up for this service now.

Pre-Publication Manuscript Review (click here for more information)

When you have your book written but aren't sure where to go next, who to market it to, how to market it, what audience to target first, we offer a pre-publication review of your manuscript. Having a professional read your book from start to finish and provide you with "notes" will be invaluable to the success of the final book. We will provide you with insights from story line to character development to length, tone, direction, and most importantly marketing considerations, demographics and much more. This pre-pub review is NOT about grammar, syntax or spelling. It is about the really important business matters which include "notes" on how to make the book more marketable, ideas about how to sell, market, package, build the book itself so it is presented in its most successful way to the marketplace.

The cost of our pre-publication review is only:

$250.00 for books under 200 pages in length, (Click here to set up your review) or
follow this link: &productid=0

$300.00 for books above 200 pages. (Click here to set up your review) or follow
this link: &productid=1

The entire process will take about one week to complete and we will e-mail all of our notes to you within your .doc or .txt or .rtf manuscript file along with an e-mail note that focuses on the manuscript's strong points and weaknesses. Our single goal in the pre-pub review is to give your book a serious market analysis and to suggest any and all changes that will ensure you hit a "home run" when it gets to the marketplace.

Premium and Silver Publishing Levels

We are happy to be able to provide authors with two levels of publishing.
The Premium Level which is designed for books that you intend to sell in Bookstores, Libraries, Tack shops, Gift stores, Pet stores, or in any other commercial/retail setting. The Premium Level provides you with a bookstore ready book that can be sold commercially. The added bonuses that come with the Premium Level include:

* Unlimited e-mail consultations throughout the entire process. Most books take two to five months to complete the publishing process.
If you ONLY asked one question per day, that is a SAVINGS OF MORE THAN $19,000.00 and the Premium Level allows you to ask as many e-mail questions as you want, every day until your books are delivered to your door!

The Silver Level
is ideal for family histories, books that will be marketed solely through associations or those books that you intend to market directly to your customers. The Silver Level provides you with a professionally crafted book that you can give to family and friends or sell through clubs, organizations or associations. This is the ideal path for speakers who prefer to sell their own books directly to their customers at their speaking engagements and have no interest in selling their books through retail outlets (book stores, libraries, gift shops, etc).

Whether you work with us at the Silver or Premium levels, our goal is to help you create a book that meets the highest standards set by book stores around the country and one that you will be proud of.

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