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Premium Level

The Premium Level is designed for books that will be available through bookstores, gift shops, retail outlets, libraries and on the Internet. The Premium Level hand-walks both you and your book through every level of the professional book publishing process and you are in control at all times! In addition to taking your book from manuscript to finished, bookstore quality book, you will also receive a thorough education in the publishing process when you work with us. This will put you in a position to publish your second or 22nd book on your own in the future, if you want to do that. Otherwise, we are happy to be your wing man! Remember, Whitehall Publishing provides all of our services on a flat-fee basis so there are NO surprises!

Key Benefits

* You maintain complete creative and financial control over your book,

* You own the copyrights to your book, which means that all profits from all sales are yours and yours alone,

* Your book gets the same distribution access to bookstores and libraries that every best seller gets, and

* We work on a flat-fee basis so there are no cost overruns or surprises!

* Your book is available internationally,

* You end up with a professionally published book that will be a welcome addition to any book store in the country.

What Services Are Included In Your Flat Fee?

At, we provide you with pre-editing, editing, custom cover design, typesetting, layout and a college level education in publishing that you won't get anywhere else!

Among the many steps included in the Premium Level is a professional
pre-publish review of your book. During this stage of the process, we will read your manuscript and provide you with "notes" on tone, direction, characters, marketing strategies and much more. This is before the formal editing process begins and is designed to help you take your original manuscript from great idea to effective, marketable finished work.

This service is just one of several that separates from other companies who offer 'author-assisted' publishing services. Our goal is to help you create your best work that is also marketable after it is published. Again, you are in the driver's seat so while our professionals may provide you with "notes", the final decision will always be up to you. I can say that without exception, all of our authors have a "light bulb" moment when they read the "notes" and realize that their book could go to the next level of excellence by making some or all of the changes we recommended.

At we are on your side. We share your dream of creating a great book, and to that end, we are happy to share with you our years of publishing and marketing experience to help you create a finished product that will not only make you proud, but one that will also have the most impact on your readers and one that can move your writing career to the next level. With us, your books will receive:

Complete Professional Editing

Every book at Whitehall Publishing will go through 3 - 4 editing passes before it goes to press. The first two focus on syntax / grammar / spelling / storylines, etc. The remaining passes focus on aesthetics (layout).

Complete Professional Typesetting/Layout

We will set up your book for the printer with a layout you will be proud of while we adhere to all the specs required by the printer.

Professional Cover Design

Complete professional custom book cover design of your book. We don't use cookie-cutter book covers. Every book receives a custom-designed cover that is created from your concept or we can have one of our many cover designers present conceptual ideas to you for review,

E-mail Support Throughout

Unlimited e-mail access to address any and all questions you may have about publishing, marketing, sales, book signings, event planning, book tours, online sales, and any other questions you may have about the publishing process. We recommend you invest in a 3-ring binder and keep all of our e-mail exchanges so you can refer to that information again and again over the years. That is why we operate via e-mail, so you have a paper trail and you don't have to take frantic notes during phone calls.

Pre-Publication Reviews

We will help you obtain pre-publication reviews that will go on the back cover of your book before it goes to the printer. This is a great way to encourage sales.

Printer Prep of your Files

We will prepare your interior and cover files for the printer and we will shepherd your book through the print process from start until the books are safely delivered to your door!


We will submit your title information to the major distributors in the USA, making your information and book available to every retail book buyer in North America.

We will also submit your title to for Internet sales around the world.

How Do I Get Started?

When you are ready to get started, simply e-mail us a note to with the basic specs of your book (page count, trim size, number of copies you would like to print on your first print run.

Once we receive your information, we will send you a publishing contract that you can review, sign and fax back to us. We are happy to bill any major credit card for your convenience or you are welcome to pay by wire transfer or Pay Pal.

We split your flat fee payment into three installments both for your convenience and for your protection. You can also process each of your three installment payments through our secure shopping cart by
following this link. Your first payment is only 50% of the total flat fee and it is due upon contract signing. The second installment is due after the book is fully edited, cover design is completed and we are ready to go to press. At that point, 40% of the remaining balance will come due and the third and final 10% installment payment will not come due until your books are delivered to you after publication.

Once we receive your signed contract and payment information, we will e-mail you asking for your manuscript to be sent as an attachment in an e-mail to us (in .doc or .txt format) or through the post via CD-Rom or USB stick.

Once your manuscript arrives, we will begin in earnest, the publication of your book!

Pricing Information

Books can be published in a wide variety of trim sizes (height and width of the book). We work on a flat fee basis on all elements of your project. We don't like surprises anymore than you do and for that reason, we want you to know exactly what your costs will be, before you sign any contracts with us. Our goal is to put you in the driver's seat on your project both creatively and financially.

Flat fees on the Premium Level are:

$2500.00 for books under 50 pages + your print costs, (this would include children's full-color, hard cover books),

$4250.00 for books from 51 to 200 pages in length, (this covers most trade paperbacks and soft cover how-to books), add your print cost to this.

$4750.00 for books between 201 and 300 pages in length, (this covers most novels), add your print cost to this.

$5000.00 for any books exceeding 300 pages, add your print cost to this.

NOTE: We can not include print costs in the flat fee because the cost will vary from book to book depending on the number of pages, trim size and quantity requested. HOWEVER, before you sign a contract with us, we will get you the print costs in writing so you know to the penny what your total production costs will be.

Once the Contracts Are Signed, Then What?

After contracts are signed and your first installment payment is received, we officially begin the publishing process.

We will ask you to send us your manuscript via e-mail as an attached .doc or txt or rtf file.

Once we Receive your Manuscript:

1. We will have it professionally pre-edited, and edited for you,

2. We will have the book cover professionally custom designed for you,

3. We will provide all the ISBN numbers, bar codes and other information necessary to qualify your book for sale in bookstores, libraries and other retail outlets,

4. We will provide you with space on our website for posting your galleyfor pre-publication reviewers and, we can assist you in obtaining pre-publication reviews for your book so that they can be included on the back cover before going to press,

5. We will make sure it is listed on,

6. We will submit your book's information to distributors in the USA who represent sales to book stores and libraries nationally.

7. After each editing pass and as the cover is being designed, we will e-mail everything back to you for your review after we have completed
each editing pass. As part of the flat fee, we.provide authors with several complete passes through the book to make any changes you would like to make during the three phases of the editing process. Once you have finished your second pass and returned the file to us, we will do the layout of the book and again, we will e-mail you both aesthetic editing passes through the book. Once that fourth pass is completed, should you decide to make any additional changes to the book, these will be billed at an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour. The good news is that with four editing passes included in your flat fee price, we have never had to bill anyone for additional changes.

8. When the book is ready to go to print, we will work hand-in-hand with
the printer to ensure that your book gets all the attention it deserves,

9. During all phases of the publishing process, you have the final word on
all decisions concerning your book.

10. Finally, the finished books will be delivered to the address of your
choice and our job is complete.

How Am I Billed?

Credit cards are the easiest and most efficient means of billing, but we are happy to work with all the payment options available through PayPal.

When contracts are signed and returned to us with your manuscript (via e-mail), we will bill you only 50% of the flat fee for the brokering of the project, at that time. This can be paid via any major credit card or by PayPal through our secure shopping cart.

When the book goes to the printer, you will be expected to pay the second installment of our fee (40%). This can also be processed through our secured shopping cart by following this link.

If your book has a color interior or a hard cover and will be printed by an offset printer, most offset printers requires 50% of your total print bill at this time as well via wire transfer directly to the printer.

For offset printing projects, you will be sent a set of proofs for your review. When you sign-off on those proofs and authorize the printer to start printing the books, your final 50% of the print bill will come due to the printer. Print bills are paid directly to the printer, in most cases, via wire transfer. There are no mark-ups on print bills. We will send you the actual bids from the printers.

When the books are completed and delivered to you, our final 10% payment comes due and this marks the completion of our work. This final payment can also be paid through our secured shopping cart.

Welcome to the family. We look forward to working with you to bring your book to life!

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