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I finally had my light bulb moment when a magazine editor spilled the beans. She explained that in the publishing world, no one wants to publish someone who has never been published. She explained that her job was on the line if she made a bad choice and since an unpublished writer has NO track record of working with other magazines, it was too risky for most editors to take the chance.

Tenacity is Key

It took me more than a year before I WORE DOWN those editors and finally got my first piece published in a national magazine. That is another advantage of my time working with horses because you learn to NEVER GIVE UP!  Oddly enough, the minute I was published, everyone suddenly wanted to buy the exact same articles I submitted to them a year before that they previously turned down.

After publishing hundreds of magazine articles and securing two syndicated columns and doing several national speaking engagements, the next logical step was to publish a book so I would have something to sell at those speaking engagements.

I followed the traditional route and looked for a book publisher. It wasn't hard to find one since I had a good track record of being published hundreds of times already and I was writing on a topic that I knew inside and out. I was so thrilled that a big New York publishing house was going to publish my first book.

I thought everything was perfect. After all, I had
PROFESSIONALS in charge now and they knew everything, and I wouldn't have to learn as I go because they were the EXPERTS. I was looking forward to having them tell me exactly what to do and I was happy to do it.

Then came my second Light Bulb Moment. Click here to find out what happened when I signed my first bigtime, New York publishing deal.

The Light Bulb Moment
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