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Like most new authors, I believed that if I could just GET a publishing deal, I would be a success. Once I got the contract, I believed I could focus on writing, and my publisher would take care of everything else. O.K., I admit it now, I was SO wrong. Publishing is a business and I appeared to be the only one who didn't understand that. Let me stress something here and now, it is NOT a difficult business to learn, but until you do, your success will be seriously hindered.

After signing my second publishing deal I learned that the statistics were probably correct -
most authors never make any money off traditionally published books and are usually very disappointed with the end results.

In the USA alone:
1. There are an estimated 175,000 new titles published each year,
2. The "average" book published in the USA will never sell more than 500 copies in its entire lifetime (there is a reason for this so don't worry, your book doesn't have to be one of those!)
3. The "average" traditional publishing contract gives your publisher all rights to your work and the normal split between publisher and writer is 90/10 with the publisher keeping 90% of all the profits, for the life of the book.

This clearly means that most authors involved in traditionally published books never have financial success because of something I like to call

1. They take no control/responsibility over the business side of their book because they believe their publisher will handle all that "Business Stuff" (BS) and
2. They do nothing to promote or sell their product in the marketplace because they believe their publisher will handle all that
"Business Stuff" (BS).

This shouldn't be a surprise, when you ask yourself this question, how much of your time is spent learning the business of publishing versus writing and looking for a publisher? If the answer to that question is ZERO, NONE, NADA or ZIP, I guarantee, you will end up in the same situation that most authors end up in, famous on a very small scale and broke!

There is NO reason for your outcome to be that way, IF you are willing to learn from my experience and instead of "waiting for your ship to come in", BUILD YOUR OWN SHIP, be the captain of your own destiny and when you are ready to do that, we are here to help you succeed!

The Dirty Little Secrets that
Publisers Don't Want You to Know

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